We interact with and impact communities around us every day. We recognise the important social and economic role we play within local operating contexts where we conduct business and the value of developing strong and enduring relationships with local communities and stakeholders. Effective community consultation and engagement is critical to understanding the issues and priorities of those touched by our activities and towards building long-term trusting relationships.

We aim to be respectful neighbours and engage objectively with communities where we work. We respect human rights and contribute to the long term social and economic development of the local communities affected by, and associated with, our operations.

We seek to increase positive impacts on communities while working to avoid actual and potential negative social, environmental and economic impacts on communities, by:

Assessing human rights, environmental and economic risk, as appropriate;

Mitigating risks and the potential impacts to the community arising from our business activities in an appropriate manner;

Promoting local procurement, recruitment, spending and cooperation.

We identify, consult and engage in dialogue with affected and potentially affected communities and key stakeholders in a transparent and culturally appropriate way, paying specific attention to disadvantaged, marginalised, excluded and vulnerable individuals and groups.

We enable local communities and stakeholders to raise concerns pertaining to our business activities, build an understanding of what is important to them and will analyse and respond appropriately to these.


We establish or participate in grievance mechanisms for those communities which are likely to be impacted by our operations or projects.


We communicate on our efforts to protect and support the communities where we work in an adequate form and frequency and in ways accessible to the intended audiences.


We provide support to community projects through investment of resources and expertise as appropriate.