IGBR management is held by senior personal from the mining and resources industry with extensive customer service and relationship management experience.

Our sub-regional leadership sourcing team located in China and other key parts in South East Asia, Europe, Russia and North America, and South Africa, provide IGBR with direction and collaborative framework. This brings diverse procurement capabilities worldwide and the functional units together into one-high performing organisation. Our members share long standing relationships with some of the largest and most reputed producers and miners.

Our unique team operating structure allows a differentiated steering of our business according to the market specific competitive environment. This not only allows transparency and but highlights the importance of value chains across all members engaged in executing bulk supply transaction.

We aim to clearly position our business against our relevant competitors and establish a high performing organisation, to enable us to be successful in an increasingly competitive market. We aim to increase our competitiveness through partnerships with technical leaders in the chemicals industry , including operational excellence.


IGBR was incorporated to focus on serving the Australian market with the aim of contributing towards the regional, state and national economies and the communitines in Australia.