IGBR’s advantage is our diverse international network of supply partners. We have interests in a range of mining assets across the continents. Our customers leverage on our extensive global supply base for metal and mineral producers. Our customers get the benefit of low cost and reliable supplies without having to compromise on quality.

Our business focuses on copper concentrate, zinc concentrate, nickel concentrate, bauxite concentrate, alumina and manganese concentrate. We connect miners and producer to our customers in different parts of the world. We underwrite contracts via off-take agreements with our alliance partners.


Our primary customers for metals are in China. China’s smelting capacity fuels demand for concentrates. We help producers access the global markets including China and Europe.


IGBR is a copper concentrate supplier and marketer. IGBR is positioned to provide access to the major low-cost copper concentrate producers from Africa, South America, Australia and Asia. Our customers include some of the are copper smelters in Asia.


The copper concentrate that IGBR sells is based on wet metric tons (+ / – 10% at the seller’s option). Delivery of the copper concentrate can be done on FOB or CIF / CFR basis.


The price at which the copper is paid after assay analysis is the average of the London Metal Exchange (LME) “Grade A” prices for the quotational period published in the London Metal Bulletin.


The Copper Concentrates provided by IGBR would generally have Copper (Cu) at a range of 25 – 40%.


Zinc is the fourth most widely used metal in the world after steel, aluminium, and copper.


IGBR is a zinc concentrate supplier (mainly zinc sulphide), and our partner mine operations are in Australia, South East Asia and Central Asia.


IGBR has a strong foothold in India, China and Indonesia that imports more than $2.2 billion worth of zinc concentrate.


Zinc is used to galvanize steel and iron.


Nickel is a metal that is used as an alloy to impart strength, corrosion resistance and other electrical, heat and magnetic properties.


A significant amount of the world’s production come from Western Australia.


Nickel plays a hugely important part in the production of stainless steel, that is poised for growth in South-East Asia. IGBR’s sourcing abilities with Nickel extends to some of the world’s largest miners and producers in Russia and Australia, while extending its network within the nickel producing industry in Canada. While IGBR mainly concentrates on customers in the Asian market, it has capabilities to supply nickel to Europe and other countries.


Nickel is used mainly to manufacture stainless steel. It is also used for nickel plating. Nickel has also founds its use in the powerful batteries used in electric vehicles.