IGBR delivers competitively priced on-spec commodities from remote locations across the globe! We guarantee grading criteria and quality thresholds.


While our principals continue to focus on their core activities, we take accountability of the risks involved in delivering products to the preferred locations, from remotely located factories and mine operation across the globe, at best price.


We source from locations where resource is plentiful and ship them to where they are needed!


IGBR secures reliable low-cost supplies through sustained relationships and investments into the production process.


Source Globally

We negotiate best terms and rates for bulk commodities from remote locations across the globe.


We finance your cargo up until the point, it gets delivered and accepted at your doorstep.


We store our commodities at factories, warehouse and yard spaces at the Ports to delivery timely to multiple suppliers.

In country logistics

We manage in-country logistics overseas, visit and validate supply sources and provide integrated solutions for logistics.

Port Clearances

We manage port clearances both at load and discharge ports.


For each bulk commodity expedition, IGBR designs and executes multimodal logistic systems to optimise economies of scale and reduce shipment costs.
Our multimodal logistic system optimises transfer of shipments between the different modes of transport. This involves using transportation by rail, trucks, pipelines, barges and ocean vessels.We treat each bulk commodity supply expedition with 100% focus!